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Your children are your world. You don’t want to entrust their care to just anyone. Let us take the stress and frustration out of the process.

A great nanny is more than experienced childcare—it’s someone who will seamlessly integrate with your family and put you and your child’s best interests first, always. Our thorough screening process goes beyond experience, safety, and education. We match premier nannies based on their ability to go above and beyond and become a seamless part of your family unit.

No matter how long your maternity leave is, it never feels long enough. Having someone you can rely on in the home to provide nurturing care brings comfort and peace of mind to mom and baby alike.

SugarPlum Nannies are educated and experienced in an array of child learning modalities. We can place a nanny who is experienced in Montessori, Special Needs Education, and more upon request to help your children excel in their individual ways.

Here's How SugarPlum Nannies Finds You Your Perfect Nanny.

We get to know your family and your specific childcare needs.

We review our nanny network and create tailored interviews based on your information.

We connect you with the best-matched candidates and guide you through the decision process.


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We get it. Finding a trustworthy caregiver is hard. At Sugarplum Nannies, the health and safety of your children is our top priority, which is why we’ve created a screening process that not only includes a thorough background check and interview but also includes tailored questions to fit your family’s specific needs.

In doing so, we are able to connect you with better-matched candidates in the greater Boston region, provide support and guidance throughout the placement process, and help your family feel peace of mind long into the future.


Our Promise:

✔ Personal Touch
✔ Premier Screening Process
✔ Preparation for Nanny + Family


Research shows that having a supportive child caregiver in the home contributes to thriving children. We’re here to be your partner in your search for the best match.



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Allison Flaherty, NannyAllison Flaherty, Nanny
The Sugarplum team are the best people I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with! They were very helpful and wanted to do everything they could to make sure was happy in my job! As well as the family. They really focuses on finding a perfect match that works for everyone. I am thankful for getting the opportunity to have come across this amazing helpful nannying site. Thank you for all you do."
Kristy, MomKristy, Mom